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    2 Days Relax in Paradise Hangzhou

    Boat ride the southern terminus of the Grand Canal, bike cross by causeways and framed by willow-lined banks and green hills around west lake, meander on the tranquil hill path, taste the best tea and delicious food...

    from USD 236


    Water Town and Old Kilns Weekend Getaway

    Meditation in the picturesque Soul Retreat Garden, visit hometown of  ancient tiles and bricks, discovery old kilns group...

    from USD 239


    3 Days Magic Hakka Building Tour

    The traditional residential buildings in the western part of Fujian Province in south China- Hakka Earth Building are named by the UNESCO as the eight world wonder...

    from USD 248


    2 Days Garden Kingdom Tour with Gondola and Rickshaw

    Famed for classical gardens and elegant waterways, Suzhou was once a byword for high culture, art and society in old China, a tour with rickshaw and gondola will bring you discovery these and slow down your pace...

    from USD 289


    3 Days Yellow Mountain by Bullet Train

    Yellow Mountain is east China's sublime mountain landscape, where dedicate  pines cling to the vertiginous sides of soaring granite peaks. Its mist -swathed vistas are  a recurring motif in Chinese art and literature...

    from USD 529


    2 Days Tranquil Slender West Lake and Old Yangzhou City

    Picturesque Slender West Lake ,cutr White Pagoda, heritage Grand Canal, amazing bonsai, classic Yangzhou Garden, unforgettable Huaiyang food...

    from USD 289


    3 Days Most Beautiful Countryside and Porcelain Capital

    Photo stop at the most picturesque village of China, discovery the secret of thousand years old porcelain capital...

    from USD 449


    3 Days Wuyi Mountain Hiking and Tea Taste

    Drifting down the amazing nine bend river,hike and meander through the  miracle Wuyi mountain ...

    from USD 368


    2 Days Rice Terrace Discovery from Shanghai

    Photo shot the most beautiful rice terraces in China, discovery  comparative remote Kenggen Village which host a 800 years old history...

    from USD 336


    2 Days Heritage of Ancient Nanjing Tour from Shanghai

    Photo the splendid Zhonghua Gate, admire the grand and sole Zhongshan Mausoleum, wander the delightful Confucius Market... 

    from USD 299