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    OJDST-01 7 Days Silk Road Express

    Price from USD 1149   per person
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    Join this fully sightseeing tour with mystery history and picturesque landscape tour along Silk Road in Gansu within 7 days. With remarkable view of Gobi and desert, learn about Buddhism art and culture, marvel at historic site of Jiayuguan City Gate,  venture on defensive Overhanging Great Wall, and breath-take beauty of Rainbow Mountain...


    Arrival Lanzhou

     Your guide will greet you at the airport and then transfer you to the pre-booked hotel for checking in. The rest of the day will be left on your own to explore this exciting city

    Meals: No meals, advice freely available

    Accommodation:     Crown Plaza Lanzhou



    In the morning , starts with the Five Springs Mountain Park, a massive park around a fountain, also encompassing several groups of structures from the Ming & Qing Dynasty over the mountain. Afterwards, you will visit water pipe smoking museum, take photo about Yellow River Iron Bridge, Mother Sculpture and Water Wheel Park. Afternoon, Bullet Train to Jiayuguan, and transfer to your hotel by the local guide.

    Meals:  breakfast, A la carte lunch

    Accommodation:    Holiday Plaza Jiayuguan Hotel



    Full day will be devoted to visiting the gems around the “Mouth of China” so called due to its position at the western end of the Great Wall of China. The gems include the iconic Jiayuguan Fort, and the Overhanging Great Wall which is a rebuilt section of the wall and offers a bird’s eye view of the endless Gobi desert and snowcapped peaks in the distance. Also visit one of the public-accessible Wei Jin Tombs, approx. 15km northeast of town, with over 1,400 tombs built between the 3rd and 5thCentury, some with interesting paintings and murals inside.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast, A la carte lunch

    Accommodation:     Holiday Plaza Jiayuguan Hotel


    Jiayuguan Liuyuan/Dunhuang (B)

    In the afternoon, bullet train from Jia yuguan to Liuyuan. Arriving Dunhuan and take a tour view the lovely sunset in the Mingsha Shan (the Singing Sands Mountain) and camel ride, named after the natural phenomena, visit the Crescent Moon Lake - a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast , a la carte lunch

    Accommodation:     Silk Road Hotel



    This morning, visit the world-famous, UNESCO-listed Mogao Caves.  Afternoon, bullet train from Dunhuang to Zhangye

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast , a la carte lunch

    Accommodation:     Tianyu International Hotel


    Zhang ye

    In the morning, drive about  40 km ahead to the picturesque Rainbow Mountain,which is also known as " the eye candy of Zhangye". Admire the famous statue of Sleeping Buddha at Giant Buddha Temple. See the old Buddhism scriptures and some hand-copied ones left from Ming Dynasty. Proceed to Wooden Pagoda Temple next and take a look from outside.

    Meals: breakfast , a la carte lunch

    Accommodation:     Tianyu International Hotel



    Bullet train from Zhangye to Lanzhou, Your tour guide will pick you up at Lan zhou Station and escort you to the airport for your departing flight

    Prices are in U.S. dollars and based on per person
    Grade Without Flight Price
    Price with Round Trip Flight from Shanghai to Lanzhou

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    2-4 travelers 5-8 travelers 9 & above 2-4 travelers 5-8 travelers 9 & above
    October 8 to December 30
    Double Occupancy
    Single Room Supplement

    Price included:

    • Hotel, Guide,Bus, Spots entrance and meal in the itinerary
    • LanzhouJiayuguanLiuyuan/Dunhuang Zhangye Lanzhou

    Price don't included

    • Tips for guides and driver
    • Optional tour and other private cost.

    Spot Detail

    Five-spring Mountain is situated on the north of the Gaolan Mountain, about 1,600 meters above sea level. On the mountain there are Meng, Hui, Sweet Dew. Mozi, and Juyue springs, hence the name. Meng and Hui springs are located on the east and west sides, commonly knows as the east and west "dragon mouths", and the waters fall down horizontally, the scenery is beautiful.

    Yellow River Iron Bridge, also known as Zhongshan Bridge, is the first bridge over the Yellow River.In 1907, the 33rd year of Emperor Guangxu's reign of the Qing Dynasty, the Government began the construction of the first iron bridge over the northern side of the Yellow River, with the help of a German businessman. All materials including the rivets were transported from Germany to China by ships, trains, carts and other means possible.  In memory of the great Chinese democratic revolutionist Sun Zhongshan (also named Sun Yat-sen), the bridge was renamed Zhongshan Bridge by Sun's given name in 1942.Now it is one of the symbolic architectures in Lanzhou City and remembered forever as a piece of history and a cultural relic.

    Water Wheel Park the water wheels were introduced into Lanzhou from Yunnan Province by a local people, who used to work in Yunnan in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), the first water wheel was successfully built on the north bank of the Yellow River in 1556. The large water wheels have a diameter of about 20 meters, small ones around 10 meters, therefore, through the irrigation device, the water can be lifted about 15-18 meters high. Generally the big wheels can irrigate 600-700 Mu of land (1 Mu=666.6 square meter), and small one about 100-200 Mu. In the ancient time, water wheels were very advanced and convenient irrigation tool.

    Old Great Wall: stamped earth, sand, straw and brushwood. From thousands of miles east, the Great Wall in its many guises stretches its knotted spine to arrive and end here in the stony, desert plains of Dunhuang. This section of older wall is a more humble affair, and should not be confused by the visitor with more traditional notions of bricks and mortar. That more picturesque version is not to be found here and came much later, mostly in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Bring a camera and water.

    Jade Gate Pass (or Yumen Guan), built in the second century BC during the Western Han Dynasty. Named after the high quality jade imported to China from Khotan, 800 miles to the west, the Jade Gate Pass - Chinas westernmost border crossing - indicated to the weary trader that his eastward journey to Chinas capital was just under half-complete. A nearby relic from this period is an early remnant of the Great Wall . To enthusiasts, what is most fascinating about this 2,100 year old section is the construction materials used to build it - layers of stamped earth, sand, straw and brushwood.


    Minsha Sand Dunes the Singing Sand Mountains. The mountains are pale golden sand dunes dozens of meters high, covering an area roughly 40 km (25 mi) square. Vistors can explore the sand dunes by camel, electric car, quad bike or by foot. Riding a camel on the desert of the Singing sand Mountains is a great experience. You can enjoy the beautiful wavy shapes of the smooth yellow dunes against the deep blue sky, and imagine you are traveling the ancient Silk Road. Step off the camel and listen for the singing of the sand.

    Crescent Spring. The Crescent Spring is 100 meters (33 feet) long from north to south and 25 meters (82 feet) wide from east to west, becoming deeper from the west to the east and being five meters deep at its deepest part. just like a crescent moon, the Crescent Spring has nestled in the vast desert for thousands of years;its water is very clear and sweet, and it still ripples in the breeze even though it is exposed to stormy sands. The contrast of the blue Crescent Lake and lush vegetation with the golden sand is quite poetic.

    Rainbow Mountain the Rainbow mountain is one creature of God. The Rainbow Mountain has many beautiful shades of yellow, green, red and blue. You can find this awesome area from Zhangye. The region also has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010.

    It is unbelievable with all the colors and range of motions. It is located in Zhangye, Danxia Land form Geological Park area, which is also known as the eye candy of Zhangye.  Some artist has said that the Rainbow Mountains are one kind of masterpiece which its unbelievably colorful, like an imaginative oil painting. Photos of the mountain are so amazing and even more fabulous on the spot!

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