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    2 Days Old Water Town and Old Kilns Weekend Getaway


    Meditation in the picturesque world famous Soul Retreat Garden.

    Hand drive boat ride on the 1000 years old Canal

    Fun Treasure Hunt Game for family gaiety

    Hometown of ancient tiles and bricks and sites of old kilns group discovery


    Day One  We will start the journey with the worldly-famous Soul Retreat Garden, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Suzhou. Thanks to its poetic name, we have the privilege to take meditation in the Soul Retreat Garden. This ensures us to wind our journey with body-and-soul.

    Taking the boat ride on the Canal, we will experience the once-in-a-lifetime serenity and peace, especially when the boat crossing under the thousand-year-old bridges. After several turns, the boat will leave the hustle and bustle behind. All of a sudden,we are amazed to notice that the time is frozen.

    A specific wonder of our journey is the one-person-through Lane. Anyone exceeding the weight of 200-pound is sincerely suggested not to challenge this scenic spot. Even if such a chunky person managed to enter the lane, it is extremely hard for him/her to pass through such a narrow lane with ease.

    Then we will enjoy the most fresh lake delicacies and exquisite food at Nanyuan Tea House. It is also a wonderful historic site epitomize the glorious past of the Canal.

    After lunch at around 14:00, we can lay back and space out in the luxurious Tongli lake-view Hotel. Its breath-taking scenery beside the lake can sooth the pressures and fatigue brought by the metropolitan life.

    The afternoon activity will definitely tap your physical potentials and make you sweat a lot.We will not bother you with loud-speaker and overly-guided trip. Instead, we offer you and your family a fun Treasure Hunt Game. You and your family will become a part of the ancient water town rather than being a mere observer.

    Over the dinner time, awards will be distributed to the families to recognize their outstanding performances in the Treasure Hunt. These Awards are unique and unforgettable.

    Day Two  The morning of the second day will witness the travelers taking the stroll or relaxing themselves near the lake. You and your family can nap, jog or do whatever you like on  the morning of day two.

    Afternoon, we will visit hometown of ancient tiles and bricks and photo stop in front of the old sites of kilns groups on the the way back to Shanghai.Jinxi is the hometown of ancient tiles and bricks. Its tradition of brick-making and kiln-firing dates back to the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 265-316). The Museum of Ancient Tiles and Bricks in Jinxi exhibits more than 1,000 collections of tiles and bricks. Bricks from Jinxi's kilns were called "golden bricks". They were square and used to pave the grounds of the Beijing Palace Museum during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.Though not made from gold, they were so-called "golden bricks," as it cost so much gold to finish the complicated procedure.

    Finally, We will return to Shanghai at late afternoon. Trip ends.





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    Service level: Comfort

    Group size:4 - 6 persons

    Transportation type: Taxi

    Tour Schedule

    Day 1 Shanghai to Tongli

    Day 2 Tongli back to Shanghai, pass by the site of old kilns group

    Hotel:Tongli Lakeview Hotel


    • Availability:Every Day
    • Includes :English speaking guide, private transfer, hotel,local lunch, entrance fee for spots
    • Excludes: Tips for guide and driver, other private cost
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    • Cancellation policy:3 days in advance