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    Tour Code T1 BMW Tour(Bike, Metro,Taxi and Walk tour)

    BMW tour is the most popular tour from Orient Journey. It is the best way to learn the daily life of Shanghai, C’est Shanghai, C’est la vie.

    1st stop, Metro to Zhongshan Park watch the morning practice. Morning practice is one of the most important part of Chinese people, due to different people different place there have differnt kind pratice. Zhongshan Park, the most popular morning practice include: Taiqi, Square Dance, Sword Dance and so on.

    2nd Stop, Bike tour around French corner, dreamful back orient Paris, have a appointment with L.E.HUDEC. French corner bike tour is about 1 hour, on the way we will meeting L..E.HUDEC desided French villa both side of Xinhu Road, pass French style bar street Hengshan Road, walk around French Park  and so on. Just like 100 years ago the Shanghai Stay foreign enjoy the daily life.

    3rd stop , vegetable and meat marketIn china there have a word the masses regard food as their heaven, also choice food is the first step for Chinese cooking. Except this, the food market is a very important place meeting different Chinese people and collect daily life information.

    4th stop, cooking class and lunch. For Chinese Cook, maybe most people know this name, and know some world famous Chinese Cuisine like Toast Pork , Dumpling and so on. But most people don't know how to cook them, this class we'll learn how to cook Chinese food. And after the class you will try the product made by yourself as lunch. 

    5th stop, ferry experience and kite playing. After lunch, our guide will take you to experience the local public traffic, especially the hundred years old ferry(because Shanghai is city divided by some rivers, so ferry is very important traffic tool for local people). And also we will look for a kite shop buy a kite and play kite this afternoon. 

     Last stop, dinner and acrobatic show. After on day Shanghai daily life experience look for a nice restaurant have dinner and watch the acrobatic show, come back to a tourist again.  Acrobatic show is an exciting extravaganza that combines Traditional Chinese acrobatics with modern showmanship.Chinese Acrobatics is one of the oldest performing arts with its history tracing back to Neolithic times, during its development in the history, it has been absorbing plentiful merits from the opera, dance and Chinese Kungfu, and formed its own artistic features. You will enjoy many breathtaking and stunning programs such as Calvaria Skills, Silk Suspending, Hoop Diving and so on performed by very skillful performers in a very typical Shanghainese setting and atmosphere. where you will have an unforgettable experience of your life.


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    Group size:4 - 6 persons

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    • Availability:Every Day
    • Includes :English speaking guide, private transfer, simple lunch, entrance fee for spots
    • Excludes: Tips for guide and driver, other private cost
    • Book 7 days in advance is better
    • Cancellation policy:3 days in advance