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    OJDST-01 6 Days Xiamen, Yongding Hakka Village and Xiapu Mudflat Photo Tour

    Price from USD 799   per person
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    This tour offers you a chance to see the most outstanding architecture in Fujian Province, and takes you to photo the unique beauty of Yongding's Earthen Buildings and Xiapu’s intriguing mudflats at sunrise and sunset.


    Arrival Xiapu

     Your guide will greet you at thetrain station and then transfer you to the pre-booked hotel for checking in. The rest of the day will be left on your own to explore this exciting city

    Meals: No meals, advice freely available

    Accommodation:  Haiyue Hotel


    Xiapu Country

    Get up early for the charming sunrise of the tideland, sense the beauty of the wonderful tidal flat. Then proceed to Yangjiaxi for the aged banyan and unique folk culture and customs. After lunch, return to the hotel for a short break. Later, head to Xiaohao village to shoot the tideland sunset. You’ll see fisherman putting out and hauling nets for fish. After the shooting, back to hotel.

    Meals:  breakfast, A la carte lunch

    Accommodation:    Haiyue Hotel


    Xiapu Country

    Get up early to head for Beiqi to shoot sea sunrise and then proceed to Shajiang Town where you’ll get close-up images of coastal scenery, where people let kelps become dry out under the sun. After lunch, have a short break then move to appreciate the waterfront landscapes and sunset at Shajiang S-shaped gulf. Numerous bamboo sticks inserted in the beach and well-proportioned arranged on both sides of this S-shaped harbor waterway, perfectly display the glamour of the beach. After the shooting, back to hotel.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast, A la carte lunch

    Accommodation:   Haiyue Hotel


    Xiapu Xiamen to  Hakka Building Area

    This morning, you will take a morning train toXiamen. After lunch in Xiamen , we will be heading to the most beautiful Earth Buildings area--the Snail Hollow Village by bus. The accommodation will be inside the Earth Building.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast , a la carte lunch

    Accommodation:   local hostel


    Hakka Building Area to Xiamen

    Today we will be walking through four villages to explore different types of Earth Buildings. The bus will be with us all the way so you can either choose to walk or take bus. A great day to enjoy the nature and peace! Later afternoontransfer to Xiamen by car and ferry to Gulangyu Island

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast , a la carte lunch

    Accommodation:     Gulang Villa Hotel


    Gulangyu and departure

    Whole morning explore the romantic Gulangyu Island. Wandering along the winding paths, you will feel the pleasant sunshine and warm sea breezes and see exotic architecture with a Mediterranean flavor, such as various old consulates and churches. Boutiques are wonderful places to buy souvenirs and post cards. You will visit two attractions on the island: Sunlight Rock Park and Shuzhuang Garden. Then send to the train station or airport by your local guide.

    Meals: breakfast 

    Prices are in U.S. dollars and based on per person
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    Price with Round Trip Flight from  and Train from Shanghai

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    2-4 travelers 5-8 travelers 9 & above 2-4 travelers 5-8 travelers 9 & above
    October 8 to December 30
    Double Occupancy
    Single Room Supplement

    Price included:

    • Hotel, Guide,Bus, Spots entrance and meal in the itinerary
    • XiapuLXiamen

    Price don't included

    • Tips for guides and driver
    • Optional tour and other private cost.

    Spot Detail

    Beiqi Sunrise  Beiqi is a famous seaweed farm and only 5km from Xiapu County. This is the closest and the most beautiful shooting site in Xiapu. The most beautiful things here are the tiger-skin-like mudflat stripe and shades of poles, fisherman and boat. The best location for shooting is on the top of the little hill seated beside the mudflat. At here, you can shoot the most beautiful sunrise in Xiapu. Use wide angle lens to show the panoramic view and use telephoto lens to capture the sailing boat on the mudflat.

    Xiaohao and Dongbi Sunset  Xiaohao is 18km from Xiapu County, and this is a beloved site for many Xiapu fans. At here, you can shoot the sandy mudflat and labor scene of catching fish. You need to walk a short mountain road to get to the high point for photography. The best time for shooting is about the sunset time. Dongbi is only 2km from Xiaohao. The view here is very spectacular, especially in the seaweed harvest season: small boat sailing across the seaweed farm under the golden sun, and this is the great place to shoot sunset on the sea.

    Yantian  Yantian is 13km west to the Xiapu County. Yantian means salt pan in Chinese and there is the “Sea Gypsy”. Sea Gypsy refers to the people who live on the shabby boat and make a living by fishing and collecting shells. Yantian has a large area of mudflat and the shore view is very attracting. This is a great place t shoot local people’s living and working conditions and folk customs. The best locations for shooting are Beidou Village, Diaoqi and Nantang Village. Yantian’s sunrise and sunset are also very suitable for shooting.

    Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster  Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster is located in Nanjing County, and it’s consisted of one square Tulou, one elliptic Tulou and three circular Tulou. Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster is also called “four dishes and one soup” due to its pattern. This Tulou Cluster is preserved intact. Though this site is slightly developed, the local people are simple and sincere and most of them still retain the old customs. You can watch the panoramic view of the cluster from the observation deck besides the cluster, or just enter into the tulou and shoot the inner structure. On the way to Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, you will pass one interesting Tulou –Yuchanglou or you can call it Zigzag for the vertical wooden post structure is not straight and perpendicular, but zigzags left and right. The zigzag is caused by an error measuring of the building materials. However, due to this apparent infirmity, this tall tulou has survived many rains and earthquakes.

    Hongkeng Tulou Cluster Hongkeng Tulou Cluster was originated from Ming Dynasty. It’s located at Yongding County. Together with temple, school and ancestral hall, Hakka Tulou with different shapes and different sizes were built along the river side. Those earth buildings perfectly blend in the surrounding mountain, river and pastoral strip. The most famous Tulou in Hongkeng Tulou Cluster isZhengchenglou, which is also called “the prince of tulou”. Zhengchenglou is a double ring tulou, and the outer ring has 184 rooms while the inner ring has 32 rooms. This building was designed according to Bagua concept of Chinese Fengshui theory.

    Gaobei Tulou Cluster Located at Gaobei Village, Yongding County, Gaobei Tulou Cluster is one of the essences of world cultural heritage. Dozens of tulous nest under the mountain and near the river, which presents a great idyllic scenery for us. The most famous one among Gaobei Tulou Cluster is Chengqilou, which is also called “the king of tulou” by its fans. With a diameter of 62.6m, Chengqilouhas 370 rooms in total, and the 15th generation Jiang clan with 57 families and 300 people live here.

    Chuxi Tulou Cluster Chuxi Tulou Cluster is located at Chuxi Village, Yongding County. Chuxi Village has more 2000 thousand people and they are all belonging to Xu clan. Chuxi Tulou Cluster contains five circular tulous and 31 square tulous. Jiqinglou is the largest round tulou, which was built in Ming Dynasty. The structure of Jiqinglou is very special, for there are 72 staircases in total, and every family use one staircase. On the back mountain beside Chuxi Village, there is an observation platform and you can see the panoramic view of the whole village here.

    Nanxi Tulou Cluster Nanxi is a river name and it passes through the Hukeng County. More than 100 tulous with various shapes and sizes lie along the banks of Nanxi River. This tulou strip is extended to several miles, just like a long dragon, so some people also call Nanxi Tulou Cluster the “Tulou Great Wall”. Famous tulous in Nanxi Tulou Cluster are Huanxilou and Yanxianglou. Huanxilou is the only tulou without ancestral hall among Fujian Tulou. This is unbelievable in the old times, so people call Huangxilou the most rebel tulou in Fujian.