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    Tour Code T1 Day Shanghai Contemporary Art Tour

    This tour package through a special way show the Shanghai city to our customer. It always said novel is the best way reflect the society, but for a modern city the best and fast way to understand it is exploring its contemporary art, and different from book have language gap for communication, for art there without any gap of need feeling, the feeling of people all around the world it the same .

    1st stop, China Art Museum. China Art Museum, Shanghai, on behalf of Shanghai, a well-known historical city with deep cultural heritages, tries to broaden mind and explore the combination of art exhibition with other humanistic domains based on the socialist strategy of becoming a powerful nation of culture and the responsibility to spread outstanding culture and educate with it. There are permanent exhibitions such as “ Bright Moon Rises in Shanghai-the Origin of Modern Art in China”, “The Exhibition for the Achievement of the Project of the Creation of Artworks Featuring Shanghai’s Historical and Cultural Development” and “Special Collection of Masterworks”. Based on them, China Art Museum plan to stage several exhibitions from domestic and overseas to let the audiences enjoy art in history and learn history from art. China and western cultures integrate together intensely in here. Besides, the treasure of Shanghai EXPO China Pavilion-” Multi- media Version: Along the River during the Qingming Festival”will become a permanent exhibition in China Art Museum to show the audience the integration of famous painting with modern science through space and time. Special exhibitions from China and abroad will host a glutenous feast to the audience, covering all kinds of art  works from modern to contemporary, including sculptures, paintings and photography, etc

    2nd Stop,  Old Millfun 1933August 1st 2006 the programme of  1933 millfun creative area launched, under the manager of  Shanghai creative investment company. Nowadays, millfun 1933 become a restore old style creative life experience center. It is an important platform for artist, master of designer, educationist, enterprise elites show their ability. The topic of here are life style, creative and learn but melt fashion press,creative design, brand customization, cultural knowledge, creative leisure  in roll one. For citizens, today’s millfun 1933 is a best place for shopping, eating, enjoy concern, appreciate fashion press and so on.

    3rd stop , Tianzi Fang .Tianzi Fang originally is a name of an artist from the book Chuang tzu, here is the name of a very famous art atmosphere street began from Lane 220 Taikang Road. Before 1998,Taikang Road is a small street of Dapuqiao area. 


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