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    Tour Overview

    Tour Code: SHCT-003 2 Days Shanghai Wuxi Panoramic Tour

    Itinerary: Lihu Park, Three Kingdom City, Taihu Pearl Exhibition Center,Xihui Park, Dream Back to Jiangnan Show, Linshan Buddha

    Detail of itinerary:

     Lihu Park, more than 300 mus in area, combines the merits of both Chinese and Western garden architecture. There are various bridges and trestles connecting different scenic spots in the park. Shi Garden, the garden in garden, is hugged with shade of trees. There are four pavilions in the garden, named Liuyun, Tianyuan, Yuehong, Qinghui. The 280-meter semi-circular corridor, called Water-Mirror Corridor, is situated inside the Lihu Park. A ferris wheel on water, called the Star of Taihu, is built in the Lihu Park. For its 115 meters high, the ferris wheel becomes the landmark of this new lakeside town.
    Three Kingdom City, located in the southwest suburb of Wuxi City, Three Kingdom City is one of the CCTV Television Bases, and a renowned tourist attraction, in which many famous movies were shot here in the topic of Three Kingdoms. Three Kingdoms refers to Wei (220-265), Shu (221-263) and Wu (229-280), at that time the whole China war ruled by these three kingdoms. Nowadays, there have such tourist spot like: City Gate Plaza, Gate Tower, Sculptures of Three Kingdom Characters, Han Tripod, Horse Race Course, Peach Garden, Cao Cao's Army Camp on Land and Waterside, The Arena, Changban Hill Side, Admiral Zhou Yu's Rotrum, Seven Star Altar, Main Hall of King of Wu's Palace, Hall for the Elite, Rear Palace (harem), Gan Lu Temple, Stunt performing court for Big Fire at Chibi
    Taihu Pearl Exhibition Center, the pearl exhibition center base on the beach of Taihu lake, provide the most famous fresh water pearl to the world. Around the world most of the fresh water pearl is from China, and in China most of them produce from Taihu Lake.  Taihu Pearl is be recognized the best pearl , most pearl used in the Palace is come from Taihu Lake Wuxi.
    Lingshan Buddha scenic area, it is one of the most famous tourist spots located in Wuxi which famous for the more than 80 meters Buddha and 1000 years old Ancient Xiangfu Temple. There have many attractive spots like: Wuyintancheng or Five Seal Mandala, Lingshan Buddhist Palace, Lingshan Buddhist Palace, The Ancient Xiangfu Temple, Bathing by Nine Dragons, The Pillar of King A’yu, Corridor of Scripture-turning Cylinders, Bodhi Boulevard, Bodhi Boulevard, Rostrum of Buddha’s Feet, Pancavidya Bridge, The great screen wall at Lingshan.
    Xihui Park, the park is named for Mount Xi on its grounds and for nearby Mount Hui. Within the park, there are eighteen major historic and cultural sites with national, provincial or municipal reputations,  including the famous Second Best Fountain named by the  Emperor Qianlong, Jichang Park left by the Ming Dynasty, Huanggong Ravine created in the Warring States, Foolish Old Man Valley, and more. Months from May to October have always been the best time for  tourists to take part in festivals and night celebrations.                                                                                              Dream Back to Jiangnan, it is first 3 D alive landscap show don’t need 3D glasses. The show totally 65 minutes, which take use a lot modern media techniques, also take advantage of the underground music fountain and changeable platform. The topic is about many traditional Chinese story happy in Jiangnan (Wuxi is a part of Jiangnan). When you watch the show you will feel just back Old Jiangnan through dream.

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    Tour Schedule

    Day 1 Shanghai to Wuxi( Lunch and Dinner)

    Evening: Ramada Plaza Hotel Wuxi

    Day 2 Wuxi to Shanghai (Breakfast and Lunch)


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