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    Tour Code: shhth-11 One day Shanghai tongli tour

    Itinerary: 3 bridges, Ming&Qing Street, Tuisi Garden, Pearl Center

    Describe of Tongli: formerly known as Futu, changed its name as “Tongli (铜里)” in early Tang dynasty due to its luxuriousness, and the current name “Tongli (同里)” can be traced back to Song dynasty when people re-created the two characters of “fu (富)” and “tu (土)”. Tongli ancient town with beautiful scenery is surrounded by five lakes, namely Tongli, Jiuli, Yeze, Nanxing and Pangshan. The town is divided into 7 small islands by 15 rivers arranged like the Chinese character “川” connected by 49 ancient bridges, making these islands an integrated area. The architectures built by riverside, famous for “small bridge, flowing stream and thatched households".

    Detail of itinerary:

    3 bridges: Tongli features 3 bridges (Taiping Bridge, Jili Bridge and Changqing Bridge). A custom exists in Tongli that people go across the three bridges for relief from disaster, happiness and auspiciousness.

    Ming&Qing Street , 160 meters long, is still paved with the original boulder strips, and the architectures on both sides with the original appearance were mainly built in Ming and Qing dynasties; going down the street, tourists will find many high-grade shops aligned row upon row, selling local specialties, various calligraphies and paintings, exquisite handicraft articles, and many tasty snacks cooked for immediate consumption. There are many lanes between streets, most of which are narrow and long such as Chunaxin Lane in Yuxing Street. Chuanxin Lane is 300 meters long, and tinkle sound will come out when people walk on it; the reason lies in the hallow space under these boulder strips which are paved in disorder by intention with various cracks left. Therefore, tinkle sound comes out when people walk in the winding lane.

    Tuisi Garden was built from 1885 AD to 1887 AD. It is originally owned by Ren Lansheng. The name originates from “Be loyal to the emperor when serving the court and reflect upon oneself when retreating from the post” in Tso Chuan. Its designer Yuan Long took actions that suited the local circumstances of Jiangnan Region and finished the Garden in two years after elaborate design. The 9.8-mu Garden, simple and unsophisticated, quiet and elegant, is an area with typical architectural style of Jiangnan Garden in late Qing dynasty.Tuisi Garden, with the characteristics of garden of Qing dynasty, is a classic work of Jiangnan classical garden. Chinese landscaper Chen Congzhou regards Tuisi Garden as “Waterside Garden” inspired by “The wise find pleasure in water; the virtuous find pleasure in hills” of Confucius. The profound cultural connotation of Tuisi Garden, together with the long history of Tongli, makes tourists fall into reverie and enlightenment. In 2001, Tuisi Garden was listed as world’s Cultural Heritage


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    Tour Schedule

    8:30 Departure from your hotel

    11:00  3 Bridge

    11:00  Tuisi Garden

    12:00 Lunch and Ming qing Street

    13:30  Hand  Driver Boat

    15:30  Pearl Center

    16:00 : Silk Museum

    17:00 : Back your hotel


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