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    Tour Overview

    Tour Code: SHC-003 shhth-4 2 days dreamful Wuzhen and charmful shanghai tour.

    Itinerary: China art palace,Silk Museum, Wuzhen, confuciou's temple, Shanghai folk art and craft and museum, TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, Orient Pearl TV Tower, Chinese Acrobatics

    Detail of itinerary:

    China Art Palace: China Art Palace in the mammoth red building that was formerly the China Pavilionwhich was one of the highlights of the 2010 Shanghai Expo . On the bank of the Huangpu River. China Art Palace is one of China’s largest and most ambitious art museums. It is about 160,000-square-meter and 64,000 sq. m of exhibition space divided into 27 halls. The curators plan to collect and exhibit classic works that show the origins and development of Chinese modern art, acquired from the collections of government-owned art companies and museums.

    Silk Museum: silk museum is a museum show how to produce silk from mulberry leave and silk worm to silk product. Also there have a display room for visitor buy some favorite silk product.

    Wuzhen:West part of wu zhen is be called west bar, it is about 800 acres. It reopened as a scenic spot for pubulic in 2007 after years renovation Nowadays, west bar of Wuzhen is perfect interaction of modern and tradition. Where you will visitChinese Footbinding Culture Museum ,Xuchang soy sauceworkshop,Market on the Water,Indigo Fabric Workshop,Heal Town Pharmacy,Wedding Museum andhanddriver boat, evening advice you have a walk on the river side street enjoy the dreamful east venice under the light and look for a pretty bar have a drink

    Shanghai folk art and craft and museum Shanghai folk art and craft and museum covers an area of 1,500 square meters. It is divided into Carving Room, Knitting and Brede Room, Civil Arts and Crafts Room. Nearly 300 works are displayed inside, from which we can see the development skeleton of Shanghai arts and crafts.

    Confucius Temple: Shanghai’s Confucian Temple is the only piece of architectural homage to China’s great philosopher, Confucius, in downtown Shanghai. The Confucius Temple, categorized into family temple, state temple and school temple, was an imperial construction to worship Confucius and other representatives of Confucian culture.

    TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM: be thought as the precious of China since thousand years ago, which can keep healthy for the body without side effect, in the TCM center you will learn some Chinese medicine and learn how to keep healthy.

    Orient Pearl TV Tower: is a landmark of Shanghai located in Lujiazui Finance Center,it is about 468 meters height. Visitors can climb 263 meters have a bird view of the Huge Shanghai and down to zero meter have a visit about the old Shanghai History Museum.

    Chinese Acrobatics is one of the oldest performing arts with its history tracing back to Neolithic times, during its development in the history, it has been absorbing plentiful merits from the opera, dance and Chinese Kungfu, and formed its own artistic features. You will enjoy many breathtaking and stunning programs such as Calvaria Skills, Silk Suspending, Hoop Diving and so on performed by very skillful performers in a very typical Shanghainese setting and atmosphere. where you will have an unforgettable experience of your life.we'll prepare the unforgetable Shanghai acrobatic show for you. Shanghai Acrobatic Show is an exciting extravaganza that combines Traditional Chinese acrobatics with modern showmanship.


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    Tour Schedule

     Day 1 Shanghai City Tour and Go to Wuzhen

     Day 2  Wuzhen Back to Shanghai and Shanghai City Tour


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