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    Suzhou Tour
    About Suzhou tour, Suzhou as one of the most popular tour destination both in home and worldwide. In home, Chinese always said” Paradise in Heaven; Suzhou and Hanzhou on earth”, for foreigner the great tourist Marco Polo said Suzhou is a bigger Venice. Nowadays, Suzhou is recognized Oriental Water City and Silk Capital worldwide.
    Suzhou is a more than 2000 years city attracted hundred million tourists by her tradition charm and modern beauty included many famous Suzhou tour factor like: ancient Jiangnan water towers, classic Suzhou garden, well preserved old Suzhou city, legendary Grand Canal, Skyfall modern Jinji lake, delicious Suzhou food and leisure tea house. 

    Jiangnan Water Town also called Water Town at South of Yangze River. It is a special lifestyle and local culture of the delta of Yangze River. Due to it close the ocean, low and plain land form where exist a lot of lakes and canals. Since 1000 years ago most of residents here were fish man and there house were neighbored the canals, mixed the special local culture and many stories where become most popular Suzhou tour spots for tourist from any corner of the world. The most famous water town of Suzhou tour included: Zhouzhuang, Mu du, Tongli, Jinxi, Qiandeng, Shengze and so on
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    Classic Suzhou Garden also named Suzhou Gardens, it is the general designation of more than 160 gardens of Suzhou. In 1997 and 2000, 9 gardens in Suzhou list as world culture heritage by UNESCO in 2000. In China, it is said Guilin Landscape is the most beautiful landscape of China, but Suzhou Gardens are most favorite gardens of Jiangnan. Around world Suzhou Gardens recognized as the modern combination of resident and garden. The most famous Gardens included: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Lingering Garden, Master of Nets Garden, Garden of Cultivation, Couple’s Retreat Garden, Great Wave Pavilion, and Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty.       
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    Suzhou Old City, Suzhou Old City is a well preserved old city more than 2500 years old but still keep its old structure like 1000 years ago. The old city is about 14 square kilometers with 8 old gates and surround by the famous Grand Canal. In the old city, there left famous Old Street like Pingjiang Road, Shangtang Street and so on. There also left more than 300 old bridges and more than 100 canals in the old city.
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    Suzhou Tour with Grand Canal, the Suzhou part of Grand only 96 km, about 4.5 of the Grand Canal, but more than 20 percent cargo of Grand Canal transfer by Suzhou part, also which equal to 50 percent of the amount of Suzhou cargo transfer. For Suzhou part, one side it is the most oldest part of grand canal since 2500 years ago, another side it become the city river of Suzhou have many famous attraction spots of Suzhou like Panmen Gate, Tiger Hill Pagoda, Hanshan Temple, Shangtang Street and so on. Boat trip about Grand Canal of Suzhou began about 2000 year from the emperor Yangguang of Sui Dynasty, and it became one of the necessary of Suzhou tour for tourist from home and aboard today.
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    About Silk Capital, there have 5 silk capitals of China, but the most famous of the world is Suzhou. Suzhou as the silk capital is not only famous for its production, also famous for its quality and kinds. In Suzhou , there have a 6000 years history about silk, even 2000 years ago Suzhou silk was be export to Europe and be select for palace due to its long fabric (on cocoon about 1500 meters silk, which was the longest of the world). Among different kind of product of silk, Suzhou brocade and Su embroidery was be choice apply the World Culture Heritage. Exploring the mulberry and silkworm farm, visit silk worship silk museum Silk God Temple and Su Embroidery town, buy some silk and Su Embroidery become one of most favorite way of Suzhou tour, especial for Europe North American and Australia tourist . 
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    Modern Suzhou, most tourist only have an impression that Suzhou is a typically tradition small city of China before they meet Suzhou. Actually, today’s Suzhou is a modern city over 130 000 000 citizens, also famous for its modern. If time is enough, have a look at the Suzhou Eye’s, Skyfall, Orient Gate is another good choice of Suzhou tour. Especial in the evening when the lights turn on, the modern Suzhou around Jinji Lake will provide one of the most amazing light scenery to the world.
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    Suzhou Food and Tea House
    Suzhou Food, Suzhou Food is famous for fish, snack, and dessert. Tourist travel around Suzhou always choice a time honored old restaurant have big fish meal, find a typical breakfast restaurant taste the local snacks, and have an afternoon tea with Suzhou dessert. Italy Tourist always pay special attention try to find out the common point and different between noodle and pasta.
    Suzhou Tea House Different from the tea house located noise corner of prosperous street, most famous Suzhou tea house was located in quiet and pretty old gardens, one side taste the tea and local dessert, other side enjoy the beauty garden scenery.
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