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    Shanghai Center Acrobatic

    Shanghai Center Acrobatic is situated within the large Shanghai Center and it is a popular venue with the tourists because it guarantees professional and varied performances. This international venue hosts the home stage for the local acrobatic troupe, who are world-class, and draws a near to capacity crowd for every performance. The famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed around the globe and is a wonderful night out for visitors to Shanghai. Their movement is art - tightly choreographed and rehearsed endlessly.


    Play Dooly
    Foot Juggling/Play Diabolo
    Glasses Balancing
    The Silk Rope Hanging
    PLay The Ball
    Plate Spinning
    Small Teeterboard
    Nose Balancing
    Chairs Balancing
    Straw Hat
    Pagoda of Bowls
    Skill in Handing
    Hoop Diving on The Table
    Large Springboard
    One-handed Handstand
    Modeling Soft Body
    Shake the Thick Stick

    Performed by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, a well-known Chinese professional acrobatics performing group which was founded in 1951. Huangpu River Sensation, a production with strong Shanghai features, was presented by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe in 2005 at Shanghai Center Theater. The program consists of 3 parts- “Autumn Day”, “Moon Reflection” and “ Rosy Clouds”- showing the vicissitudes of Shanghai: “Grand Feast” and “Lovers at the Bund” tell the story of yesterday; “Juggler in the Bar” reflects the charm of today; “Hoop Diving” and “Magic Illusion” predict the development of tomorrow. Some acts such as “Play Dooly”, “Silk Stripes” and “Pyramid of Chairs ” are the “Gold Lion Award” winners at China National Acrobatic Competitions.

    Information to the show:

  • Time: 19:30pm-21:00.
  • Address: Shanghai Center Theatre, No.1376, West Nanjing Road.
  • Booking hotline: 13122868241 Paul 13611807309 Andy
  • Booking email: shanghaitournet@yahoo .com shanghaitournet@hotmail .com

    Ticket list price and our discount price:

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    tickets 6-9
    150 purple zone
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    200 green zone
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    280 blue zone
    200 each
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    180 each
  • How to Book discount tickets:

    1. Discount tickets booking only by Email or phone call, give us your name; the number of tickets; price; and your mobile number please.
    2. We do speak English, you can feel easy to give us a call! .Please make the reservation two or three days before.
    3. We are not the Theatre ticket office. we are a travel agency. So when you arrive the theatre please contact with our guide.
    4. You should have an Chinese mobile number for contaction, otherwise we can not provide service for you.
      5. We only make reservation for the color zone, we can't promise the seat number!