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    Impression Westlake

    Impression West lake is a well known multimedia show combination lights , sounds, multimedia stage designing, integrating performance. Different from other show, impression take the surface of West lake, this is a unique creative around the world. This creative well used the water factor and take the world famous West Lake scenery as background enhance charm and mystery of Impression West Lake. 

    The content of Impression West Lake included two parts: West Lake beauty and legendary stories of Hangzhou. One side, for West Lake beauty, different season and different weather is different, so there always have pity for the tourist travel West Lake that they can only enjoy a few part of West Lake beauty every time, for example: Spring Dawn on the Su Causeway and Melting Snow at Broken Bridge can’t come the same day.  Other side for different legendary stories due to different culture and language gap the tourist also can understand properly. The Impression West Lake Show make both the beauty and stories become impression, provide all of the beauty through the show and change the stories into gesture, which make the tourist have a chance enjoy the West Lake beauty completely and well understand the stories and culture of  thousand years old Hangzhou in a limited time. Nowadays for tourist of Hangzhou, Impression West Lake Show become the must go.

    Creative Team: The directors of Impression of West Lake be called The Iron Triangle of Chinese entertainment industry included: Mr Zhang Yimou, Miss Wang Chaoge, Mr Fan Yue. Among the three directors, Mr Zhang be thought as No 1 director of China, he directed Hero was No 1 movies from China, and be selected one of the ten famous movies 2004 by Time; and Fan Yue is the best living theatre director and stage designer of China. The back ground is from famous Japanese musician Kitaro, the theme song from famous Chinese female pop singer Miss Jane Zhang. 

    Five act: encounter, fall in love, say goodbye, memory, and impression, in performance there is not necessarily any clear separation between them.
    Act one: Encounter
    A white crane became a young scholar while another white crane was coming and evolved into a graceful lady fall in love at first sight in the raining west lake. This act melt the pretty beauty of West Lake Spring among Gentle Rain and  the romantic love story  The Tale of the White Serpent.

    Act two: Fall in love
    Red fish is another popular highlight of West Lake beauty and fish is also a kind of happy animal with soul . This act through the happy while fish met water provide the beauty and happy when human fell in love. 

    Act three: Say goodbye
    The happy time was always momentary, roar of the drums indicated that the suffering was about to come. All of a sudden, the beautiful girl envolved from crane was dead and the boy was so sad…  Perhaps, where there was love, there was sadness.

    Act four: Memory
    When the heart-broken scholar came back to the place where they first met again, nut the graceful lady girl was disappear forever despite the unforgettable memory and unchanged surroundings.

    Act five: Impression
    Just like the lake, pretty, beautiful ,elegant and quiet; wonderful , mystery and legendary love stories around West Lake appeared again and again... 

    Information to the show:

    Time: Every evening at 19: 45-20: 55

    Venue: on the surface of Yuelake (One part of Westlake)

    Address: No 82 Beishan Road Hangzhou

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