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    ERA- Intersection of Time

    ERA- Intersection of Time - As a  Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular show every evening. ERA is a Multimedia odyssey with the combination of sound, light, electricity, and multimedia stage designing, integrating dancing, Chinese gongfu, music and other art elements. The show demonstrates the excellence and difficulty of traditional Chinese acrobatic art, and reveals the in-depth cultural humor from time to time. The theater can seat over 1 600 people, and spectators from all over the world are deeply magnetized by it charm every day. Ever since September 27, 2005, when the troupe made its debut , the program has reached the highest number of continuous stage performances and made the highest one-day performance income in Shanghai. This record has exceeded the Broadway operas Cats and The Phanton of the Opera, both of which made a sensational success in Shanghai as well.  

    Program of ERA

    Prologue Mirror Mirage Magic Water Bowl Balance Kicking Bowls Hoop Diving
    Jar Juggling Snake Girls
    Wheel of Life Intermission Fire Meteors Sculpture
    Russian Swing Chair Tower Trampoline Forever Spinning Plates Space Motorcycle

    Highlights of ERA Acrobats Shanghai

    Dream Mirror Cage Magic Water Compass Parachute
    Orbital Station Zero Gravity Forever Spanning Earth

    Information to the show:

  • Time: Every evening at 19:30 pm-21:00 pm.
  • Address: Shanghai Circus World,No.2266, Gonghexin Road. 
  • Booking hotline: 18516304409 Paul    13611807309 Andy
  • Ticket list price and our discount price: more people more discount.

    ticket office list price
    tickets 2 - 4
    tickets 5-9
    200 zone
    170 each
    150 each
    130 each
    300 zone
    240 each
    220 each
    190 each
    400 zone
    360 each
    350 each
    320 each
    600 zone
    560 each
    540 each
    520 each

    How to Book discount tickets:

    Discount tickets booking only by Email or phone call, give us your name; the number of tickets ; price; and the mobile number please. The Shanghai Circus World is very full everyday, please contact with us at least 4-5 days in advance!!

    We do speak English, you can feel easy to give us a call! Please make the reservation two or three days before.

    We are not the Theatre ticket office. we are a travel agency. So when you arrive the theatre please contact with our guide.

    You should have an Chinese mobile number for contraction, otherwise we can not provide service for you.

    We only make reservation for the color zone