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Orient Journey

Welcome to Orient Journey, your orient journey will start here. Different from other Chinese travel service only

provide traditional and mainland tour package, our business also included any kind tailor made tour according on 

the client’s demand, and the destination of us mainly included mainland and Taiwan, also provide flight & hotel in Asia.

In order provide better service to the tourist, after 2008 opened Shanghai base, 2010 we began corporate with Fuontour

opened ourTaiwanbase September 2011.

We provide Private Tour packages and group tour of China, focus on any kind tailor made tour and individual service

in East China and Taiwan Island, included: family tour, anniversary tour , China daily life tour, education tour, Chinese

culture tour, business tour, industry tour, exhibition interpreter, car and bus service and so on.

Andy Lee--Chief Operate of Orient Journey. who have about 10 years tourism experience after graduated from

English major. Different from other tourism worker and guide from tourism management who pay more attention about  

company  income, Andy pay more attention about culture exploring and the feeling from both tourist and guide. Except

work for Orient Journey, Andy also a guy who like research the common point and different between cowboy and dragon.     

Resell Chen--Chief Operate of Orient Journey Taiwan base, General Manger of Fountour. He is a very nice

gentlemen who work for tourism more than 30 years after graduated from Taiwan University. Due to the love of tourism

and culture, he opened Fountour 2010, and 2011 joined Orient Journey.  

Photo of Orient Journey new year party