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Early Bird Dragon Boat Festival Getaway

Upcoming Expats Holiday-3 days 2 nights Dragon Boat Festival Getaway, Great-wall, luxury beach Hotel and Chateau early bird price from 1588 RMB

from 1588 RMB


 Weekend Getaway

Glass walkway, river-side pub street, boat ride east Venice from 498 RMB at May 20th and 21st

from 498 RMB


3 Days Magic Hakka Building Tour

The traditional residential buildings in the western part of Fujian Province in south China- Hakka Earth Building are named by the UNESCO as the eight world wonder...

from USD 248


7 Days Silk Road Express

Remarkable view of Gobi and desert, Buddhism art and culture, historic site of Jiayuguan City Gate, beautiful Rainbow Mountain..

from USD 1149