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    Hot Destination

    Boutique Yellow Mountain & Hui Culture Getaway

    A whisper trip stay at hundred years old house full of French romantic in 1000 year old Hui Culture hamlet. Cable car discovery miracle Yellow Mountain. Appreciate live show transfer from local story on the tranquil and stunning Xin'an River

    from 5300RMB


     Weekend Getaway

    Glass walkway, river-side pub street, boat ride east Venice from 498 RMB at May 20th and 21st

    from 498 RMB


    3 Days Magic Hakka Building Tour

    The traditional residential buildings in the western part of Fujian Province in south China- Hakka Earth Building are named by the UNESCO as the eight world wonder...

    from USD 248


    7 Days Silk Road Express

    Remarkable view of Gobi and desert, Buddhism art and culture, historic site of Jiayuguan City Gate, beautiful Rainbow Mountain..

    from USD 1149